Presentation – week 10

Presentation is to introduce and report something to others, like idea and study. Visual material is the most important things to include in the presentation where it can facilitate your content become reliable and interesting.

When people need to present something to others, they should create the visual material, like picture or video, to prove what idea they presenting. Therefore, visualisation should be included as vital component of presentation.

For example, my group-mate and I have to present a research about people who using mobile phone in toilet. Almost all people will go to toilet with their mobile phone, and we just make it visible. And the image that we created is to make the statistics into the visual picture. The invisible event is the research from The “IT in the Toilet” study based on an online survey of 1,000 Americans with mobile phones in October 2011.

The picture includes the number and statistics may distribute more reliable information. Also, the study of “IT in the Toilet” is wide and quite complicated, but this picture shows the main point of the survey which can cut down the unnecessary data. Moreover, this picture also attracts the attention that audience will be more focus on it. The importance of presentation is to catch the audience attention, and, information graphic is one of efficient ways to present your idea rather than provide all of the text, number and words to the audience.

Another example, according to “Common Craft”, the website is introducing RSS as a way to subscribe to websites and save time on the Web. There are both video and long texts included in the webpage. Both video and text are teaching audience how to engage to the RSS. However, video should be more attractive to view rather than the word form content. It can be imagine that if the webpage didn’t include the video, most of the audience should not spend time on reading the whole text. Therefore, making invisible things visible is significant when people want to present something to others.


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